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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

playing dress up

The Costume Institute gala at the Met went down and it was a chance for Dalicia’s favourite imaginary best friends to get all jazzed and to strike some serious poses. Here are the highlights of the red carpet:

Best Look of the Night:

Mary Kate
looked gorgeous while wearing Badgley Mishka. Long hair, long dress with amazing bangles, her look was a hit like usual.

And now on to our BFF( best fashionable friends) section:

Scarlett and STELLLLAAAA!

Scarlett Johanson looks stunning in one of Stella’s designs and Miss Mc Cartney looked so fabulous in a power suit showing off her lady lumps.

GALLIANO and Charlize!

J-Galliano and Oscar winner, Charlize Theron tore up that red carpet as the hottest bitches there. Words cant even describe the magic those two can create when walking arm and arm.

And now the type of thing dreams are made of:

Mc Queen and the Queen!

According to dozens of blogs and ‘fashion experts’ this was the biggest mess of the night well according to Dalicia those fools deserve a slap in the mouth a la Mohawk Newsroom styles. Alexander Mc Queen and Queen SJP looked AMAZING in their Scottish get-ups. I can’t wait till I can be the only brown person on the planet to wear tartan this fall and I am sure this will make Dalicia fan/ Felicia’s non-biological twin sister, Lindsay Brown real proud that Scottish styles are so in right now considering how that drunk disaster practically highland dances in her sleep.

And now here is a bonus picture of SJPizzle in all her glory

That’s all folks; you know the drill…stay fabulous.

Felicia of Dalicia.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The news according to us.

-According to the bible (the daily) Vuitton reject and tabloid queen, Loho is going to be taking Uncle Karl’s picture for Interview magazine. What is it with Lindsay these days? It seems like just about every other day she is claiming to have deals with all the major fashion houses that always seem to fall thru. Hey, taking pictures of one of the sexiest bitches alive is a pretty good fall back. Also in Loho news she has been seen trying to make BFF status with Miuccia Prada at a skirt party for Prada’s latest item. Is Lindsay trying a tad too hard to be fashions latest IT girl? Perhaps but would Dalicia be doing the same? Obviously.

-Last Wednesday, Felicia’s personal hero- Janice Dickinson cut the ribbon to the opening of her new modeling agency that will be a reality show coming to a TV near you this fall. Janice looks fabulous as usual with her joker mouth in full effect.

And here are deuce ladies who are honor roller's on Dalicia's Hall O' Fame; J to the L-O and S J Pizzle. Both ladies dont look like they tried to hard *cough* Sienna Miller *cough* they can both never do no wrong in our eyes. Ladies take note because this is how it is donzo.

Ps. Also special finger snaps goes out to my partner, Dal who is starting her internship at FT in May. Felicia will be there in holy haute spirit as she will have a long 4 month holiday of tanning topless and checking into rehab. You stay fabulous planet earth!

Felicia of Dalicia

Sunday, April 23, 2006

B.F.F's of the week:

Uncle Karl & Loho.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hall of Fashionista's:

Today is a very important day in DALICIA history. Today we are inducting two very hot bitches into the Dalicia Hot Bitches Hall O' Fame!

One is the definition of a Fashionista, trendsetter and sets the bar for what is hot in fashion and whats not. The other is the Italian version of her, introducing Isabella Blow and Anna Piaggi.

Anna is one of the creative masterminds behind Vogue Italia and Isabella can now add on Judge to her long list of titles now that she is part of Project Catwalk.

Anna and Isabella are in the Dalicia Hall of Fame because they are the hottest broads we have ever had the pleasure of seeing on Fashion Television sitting front row styles in countless runway shows.

Here is why Isabella and Anna are Fashion Royalty and is a sneak peak into the Dalicia crystal ball (free of charge) to see what we will look like when we are old.

Isabella Blow, icon to many but Dalicia’s hero.

Anna Piaggi, italy’s Blow.

And now Dalicia in 30 years…

C’mon let Dalicia dream in the newsroom while everyone talks about nonsense (sports, politics and assignments being due)



Monday, April 10, 2006

ICIA's Hot Bitch of the Day!

Dalicia is going to share with you our inspiration and just random fabulous people that we adore. From random people on the streets of dumpy downtown Hamilton to our Hollywood icons we have fantasy's about, Dalicia has it covered.

Today my hot bitch of the day is my personal hero ( and reason why I havent dropped out of college yet), Ms. Pat fields.

Pat Fields is my hero because...c'mon why do you people even question her. She is an AMAZING sylist,designer and the mastermind who was the reason Sex and The City was such a stylish piece of television history.

She is funky,wild and fabulous. Everytime Dalicia gets a dirty look from low rise jean with tube top wearing broads for our love for wearing animal print, bright shoes with ghetto gold we just think about Patricia.

She is the ideal bitch I would love to be like when I am older, she is successful,crazy and hot.


Stay fabulous (like Ms.Fields)

Felicia from Dalicia

Dalica Launches "Hot Bitch of the Day"

For all you Dalicia devoutee's, there will be a new feature added to the blog daily.
Hot Bitch of the Day will feature a picture or two of your favourite bitch. You may love them, or love to hate them,...either way you Love them..

Today we have the Messiah of Designing...............Uncle Karl

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lady and the tramp!

Okay words can’t even describe the butterflies I get when looking at the pictures of Loho and Queen Meryl Streep in the latest issue of W magazine. My partner in crime,Dal loves Angelina and Sienna the way I love Meryl so this is so trés bien for me right now.

Lindsay looks lovely and Meryl is the definition of class, beauty, intelligence and talent- she is basically everything Dalicia hopes to be when we are old broads.

The teen movie queen and tabloid regular is co-staring in a film with the greatest actress alive and these pictures are GORGEOUS. Lindsay is a Dalicia favourite but she looks like Wal-Mart chic compared to Meryl who happens to be Felicia’s proud girl crush and is looking hotter then ever in Vuitton.
Make sure to pick up W when it hits a 711 near you or if you are lazy and cheap go to for the full article.

Here are the pictures:

Loho puffing a dart.

M-Strizzle being haute.

Lindsay the bag lady.

The Queen bee.

Thats all folks, stay fabulous!

Felicia from Dalicia.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Hit me Naomi one more time!

Oh Naomi, you always get yourself into some trouble.

One of Dalicia's fav models of all time got arrested for beating her maid upside the head a la Russell Crow styles. During a filming in the supermodels home for an upcomming Oprah special she threw her phone at her maids head resorting the poor woman to a trip to the hospital and four stiches.

Naomi was cuffed yesterday but she did look pretty fabulous while they took her downtown to book her wearing a white poncho and oversized shades,what a diva.

Have a good weekend!


Style Profile Spotlight on Marian Kwei!

: Marian Kwei
Location: London,UK
Occupation: Budding Stylist

Personal Style in one word: ECLECTIC!

Favorite piece/outfit: For now my vintage turquoise maxi vintage 1970's dress.

Inspiration/ fashion role models: I am inspired by the past so the style of people like the writer, Zora Neale Hurston , soul singer Billie Holiday and other Harlem ladies of the 1920's and 1930's.It was so elegant, sophisticated and lady-like. I’m also transfixed by the 1960's and 1970's and the style of Chaka Khan, Pam Grier, Edie Sedgwick, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Francoise Hardy and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. They gave the word 'fly' its essence.

First Fashion experience that you can remember: My first fashion experiences were being in love with my mother’s clothes ,dressing up and styling my dolls like supermodels. I was also fascinated even when I was 7 or 8 with how people dressed. I remember idolizing the character Denise Huxtable's style in the Cosby show for her fresh, up-beat style and Lady Diana for her elegance.

Marian Kweli is a fly fashionista and cant wait to hear what this stylist has up her vintage sleeves!

Stay fabulous kids,